Twin Valley Mountain Dart League
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The banquet will be held on April 9th 2016 at the Joliett fire

The doors open at 4:30pm.
Approximately at 5pm the meal will start.
Approximately at 6pm the Trophies.
After trophies is the DJ.
We need to be out by 12am.
Cost of banquet entrance:
1-21 games shot = $10.00 with possible $5.00 back.
22-60 games shot = $10.00 with possible $10.00 back.
Guests are $15.00 with no refund.

Playoffs will be a single elimination tournament, same format as last year.
Playoffs will begin on 2/24/16.
Best of 3 games, first team with two wins moves on to next week. Total points DO NOT count.
The winning team captain must contact Troy Troup to let him know the results to update the playoff bracket.
All matches will be shot at the higher league finishing teams home board.
Shooters need 22 games shot in the regular league season to compete in the playoffs. The playoff spot sheet (posted online after 2/22/16) will only contain the shooters that are eligible to participate in the playoffs.

24-Feb 2-Mar 9-Mar 16-Mar 2015-16 Playoff
  BYE         1- PVFW
5- VVGC2    
               1- PVFW
    5- VVGC2     
8- VVL      
                                 3- LR2  
3- LR2      
        3- LR2  
10- TCL  
4- PGL  
           4- PGL  
9- VVFW    
             4- PGL  
6- HH&L      
         7- LR1     
7- LR1             4- PGL
2- JFC  
  BYE                                             2- JFC
11- NEFC
24-Feb 2-Mar 9-Mar 16-Mar

Next Matches :

 March 16, 2016


HH&L =  Fire Company Pine Grove
JFC = Joliett Fire Co.
LR1 = Little Run Gun Club
LR2 = Little Run Gun Club
NEFC = North End Fire Co.
PGL = Pine Grove Legion
PVFW = Pine Grove VFW
TCL = Tower City Legion

VVFW = Valley View VFW
VVGC2 = Valley View Gun Club
VVL = Valley View Legion

The Next league meeting will be held Wednesday March 30, 2016 at the Joliett Fire Company at 7pm.

This meeting is mandatory for all teams, each team needs a roster team representative. If there is not a representative present from your team we will be enforcing the rule of loosing points in your next scheduled match.