Twin Valley Mountain Dart League
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Shooters will have 4 weeks to get 3 games shot for an average and get a spot. The 5th week shooters that do NOT have 3 games shot this year will get a 4 point spot, until they get their 3 games shot this year. This goes for ALL shooters new and past shooters.

Captains are responsible to collect all money owed by their team shooters and team fees. No shooter will be aloud to shoot a dart game before they pay their $10.00 shooter fee. If the shooter fee is not paid and a person shoots a game or more, their scores will not be counted and this could result in the loss of games and even matches.

Captains are reminded to collect the $2.00 dollar weekly shooter fee from their teams shooters. All money needs to be turned in with the score sheets by 8pm Friday night at the Joliett fire company. Money and sheets are welcome to be turned in before Friday by contacting Troy Troup and making arrangements to turn them in

Next Matches :

 October 7, 2015

 VVGC2 @ LR2
 LR1 @ HH&L

HH&L =  Fire Company Pine Grove
JFC = Joliett Fire Co.
LR1 = Little Run Gun Club
LR2 = Little Run Gun Club
NEFC = North End Fire Co.
PGL = Pine Grove Legion
PVFW = Pine Grove VFW
TCL = Tower City Legion

VVFW = Valley View VFW
VVGC2 = Valley View Gun Club
VVL = Valley View Legion

The meeting on December 2nd added a new rule to the by-laws. The Captains will now be in charge of cancelling matches for any reason. Both captains have to agree to cancel the match. If one captain does NOT agree the match will be cancelled and has to be shot the same week it was cancelled in. The score sheet has to be turned into Troy Troup by Sunday of that week by 12:00 O'clock pm. If the match is not shot and the score sheet not turned into Troy Troup by this time, both teams will receive 4 losses each. Also, they will each be docked 25 points in the first game of there next scheduled matches, Both captains must let Troy Troup know when there is a change to any match, do not assume the other captain has called.

The Next league meeting will be held November 10, 2015 at the Joliett Fire Company at 7pm.

This meeting is mandatory for all teams, each team needs a team representative. If there is not a representative present for your team we will be enforcing the rule of loosing points in your next scheduled match.